June 12, 2023 News

CPHP joins EuroHealthNet

CPHP's Remco van de Pas with EuroHealthNet director Caroline Costongs and Martin Dietrich (President of EuroHealthNet and Acting Director of the Federal Centre for Health Education) ©EuroHealthNet

Berlin, June 2023 The Centre for Planetary Health Policy (CPHP) has joined EuroHealthNet, a not-for-profit partnership committed to promoting health equity and sustainable development across Europe.

„Our aim is to advance health equity within planetary boundaries to contribute to EuroHealthNet’s policy, practice and research work on interrelated social, ecological and economic crises in Europe and beyond. We are delighted to intensify our working together with the Partnership, and look forward to contributing to tackle health inequalities within Europe through analysis and action on the social and political determinants of health.“Maike Voss, managing director CPHP

EuroHealthNet is a network that brings together organisations, institutes, and authorities working on public health, disease prevention, promoting health and wellbeing, and reducing inequalities. The Partnership is made up of Members, Associate Members and Observers. Together, the partners advocate at the European and National level for policies that target the determinants of health, foster collaboration and cross-sectoral engagement and work to improve the sustainability of health systems.

While members are accountable public bodies with responsibilities and/or expertise in public health, health promotion, health inequalities, disease prevention, or other relevant fields, associate members are universities, civil society organisations, and the others. CPHP – as part of the German Alliance for Climate Change and Health (KLUG) – has become a Research Associate Member and joined EuroHealthNet’s Research & Policy platforms as areas to engage in.

The EuroHealthNet partnership works on health systems and societies that move away from narrow, curative conceptions of health and place a greater emphasis on health promotion, health equity, and achieving an ‘Economy of Wellbeing’. Such an economic model benefits people and the planet, and that ensures human dignity and fairness. EurohealthNet and its partners collaborate and learn through joint research, policy engagement and communities of practice in advancing wellbeing policies.

„A clear vision for a wellbeing economy within planetary boundaries, that considers international solidarity and social justice will have to guide the development of future health systems. It will require a fundamental political-economic transformation to remove structural and institutional economic growth dependencies. Collaboration with the EuroHealthNet Partnership will facilitate policy pathways to make health equity a reality.“Dr. Remco van de Pas, senior research associate, CPHP

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