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Political, social, and economic processes and structures must therefore be designed and governed nationally, as well as internationally, with a focus on safeguarding health and well-being for present and future generations while also preserving the habitability of the planet.

Sophie Gepp, Research Associate
Sophie Gepp

The Centre for Planetary Health Policy (CPHP) was established by the German Alliance on Climate Change and Health (KLUG) in late 2021 to proactively advance scientific policy advice at the nexus of global environmental change and health, and to place planetary health at the top of the policy agenda. 

Today, there is no shortage of knowledge about the climate crisis and its disastrous health consequences. What is lacking is a translation into effective policies that recognize the urgency of the socio-ecological transformation needed and adequately protect and promote health of current and future generations within planetary boundaries. For this reason, our think tank assists policy makers in translating this scientific knowledge into effective policy programs.

Our team of researchers from the fields of political, social and health sciences as well as medicine develops application-oriented studies and synthesizes evidence with clear recommendations for action. We then communicate this knowledge through target group specific formats to politicians, scientists and to the professional scientific community and the public. The focus of CPHPs consulting work is on identifying ways in which Planetary Health Policy from the municipal to the international level can be translated into concrete transformation paths.

As a link between health professionals, academia and policy makers, the CPHP brings together a wide range of stakeholders in a collaborative process to develop a common understanding of the complex challenges of the multidimensional planetary crises. Together we are working to find and develop sustainable solutions and value-added strategies. Through this multi-stakeholder approach, CPHP aims to create a vision for the future of a resilient, accessible, environmentally friendly, and financially viable health care system that serves as a blueprint and emanates into other sectors.