May 17, 2023 News

Recording: The Need for Transformation to Post-Growth EU Health Systems

„It’s the wrong question to ask if we shall transform or not. We will transform, whether we like it or not, simply because of the limits to economic growth and the resource constraints that will be there. We are already overstretching boundaries – and we need to anticipate.“ – Remco van de Pas

For the fourth edition of our Planetary Health Dialogues in early May 2023, we looked at how future health systems in the EU should look like to meet the needs of people and the planet in ‚post-growth‘ economies. For this we invited EuroHealthNet’s Director Caroline Costongs to discuss with Dr Remco van de Pas, Senior Researcher at CPHP, and our Director Maike Voss the barriers to transformation and what EU countries can and should learn from each other?

Health care systems will be under increasing pressure in the future: demand for health care services will rise due to demographic developments and the consequences of environmental crises; at the same time, the health care system is guided in particular by economic interests and less by a socio-ecological transformation.

Our key takeaways from this Planetary Health Dialogue: It is evident that systems will change – whether we like it or not. Now we need to actively shape the required transformation a planned, democratic, equitable and sustainable way. We need a paradigm shift in health care by building narratives across sectors.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording now!

Webinar series „Planetary Health Dialogue“

“The Need for Transformation to Post-Growth EU Health systems” was the 4th edition of CPHP’s webinar series „Planetary Health Dialogues“, a monthly exchange between with German and international scholars, policymakers, and civil society actors to reflect and to collaborate on ideas for a paradigm shift towards equity, health and well-being within planetary boundaries. The event took place on 4 May 2023, and built on our recent think piece The Need for Transformation to a Post-Growth Health and Economic system.

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