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Strengthening sustainability in the pharmaceutical sector

Policy brief (March 2023) written by Dorothea Baltruks, Maren Sowa, Maike Voss: The impact of the climate crisis on our...
Strengthening sustainability in the pharmaceutical sector

The Need for Transformation to a Post-Growth Health and Economic System

Think piece (Dec. 2022) written by Remco van de Pas: The German, and most European health systems are part of...
The Need for Transformation to a Post-Growth Health and Economic System

Health within planetary boundaries

Policy brief (Nov. 2022) written by Dorothea Baltruks, Sophie Gepp, Remco van de Pas, Maike Voss, Katharina Wabnitz: To address...
Health within planetary boundaries

„With CPHP, we want to make a decisive contribution to anchoring health equity and climate resilience in the health sector, thus making it a role model for other sectors and establishing planetary health as a central field of policy.“

Maike Voss

Who we are

The Centre for Planetary Health Policy (CPHP) is an independent think tank in Berlin, Germany. It is a forum for scientific policy advice at the nexus of global environmental change and health with the aim of achieving a sustainable and equitable transformation of social systems in Germany and the world. With CPHP we are aiming to stimulate and support socio-political debates on health within planetary boundaries. Together with health actors, policy-makers, and researchers, we develop options for action along the questions depicted in our first policy brief and others. For example: How can planetary health as a vision for the future be established as a standing item on national and international political agendas permanently and effectively? How can health equity and environmental justice be consolidated in (health) policy decisions? What kind of partnerships are necessary for planetary health? In addition to that, we want to connect with actors from other policy fields; because health is not only shaped by the health sector but all policy areas. To that end, we will also look beyond Germany. In view of the urgency of overcoming the planetary crises, new forms of cooperation are needed to ensure the habitability of the planet for future generations and their health.

What we offer

The Centre for Planetary Health Policy provides scientific policy advice on health policy within planetary boundaries. Our researchers publish analyses and evidence syntheses on the topic of planetary health. Coming from different disciplines, they bring together expertise from public health science, medicine, political, social and environmental science as well as science communication. We present our research and results at our own and at external events as well as in academic publications and in policy briefs. Our researchers give interviews, provide their expertise in personal conversation, and we regularly publish news about our work on our website and social media.

What is planetary health?

The environment can thrive without us – but we cannot survive without it. The concept of planetary health describes the interconnections between human, animal and ecosystem health and encompasses a broad, transdisciplinary understanding of the influences on, and conditions for, human health.

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