April 6, 2023

Laia & Lale

Laia und Lale

Feelgood managers


  • Supporting the office team
  • Facilitating good moods and cuddles


  • MA from the dog academy

As trained feel-good managers, Laia (below) and Lale (above) ensure a real feel-good atmosphere in the CPHP office. Even on busy days, they don’t forget how important (play and cuddle) breaks are and thus demonstrably lower the stress level of the entire team. Amongst their skills are receiving guests and expert networking – and they have a lot to teach us in this respect. Their commitment to Planetary Health stems, among other things, from their passion for extended excursions into nature, and so they always try to set a good example and make their own small contribution to a sustainable everyday office life, for example by coming to work on a cargo bike or offering their services as food waste savers.


With treats they understand any language