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Conference: The Realisation of Human Rights in Societies Beyond Growth

The Realisation of Human Rights in Societies Beyond Growth

The Human Rights Centre of the University of Essex will host a hybrid conference, funded by the British Academy and the Wellcome Trust, on ‘The Realisation of Human Rights in Societies Beyond Growth’ from 30 April to 1 May 2024.

Economic growth plays a central role in driving climate and socio-ecological crises, primarily due to the ongoing exploitation of natural resources for consumption. Despite its common association with material prosperity, economic growth is also tied to increasing levels of wealth and other forms of inequality, often at the expense of social and environmental justice. 

Bringing together internationally leading scholars and practitioners from the human rights and post-growth fields, the British Academy conference ‚The Realisation of Human Rights in Societies Beyond Growth,‘ hosted by the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, will explore emerging intersections between human rights and post-growth proposals.  The goals are to unpack the relationship between economic growth and human rights; identify opportunities and challenges for human rights in post-growth strategies; and explore pathways to realising human rights while living within planetary boundaries.

As a panelist, our senior research associate Remco van de Pas will discuss the topic Policy implications III: health and well-being in post-growth and sustainable societies together with Ted Schrecker (Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University), Stephen Turner (Senior Lecturer, University of Essex), Judith Bueno de Mesquita (Senior Lecturer, University of Essex), chaired by Anuj Kapilashrami (Professor at the University of Essex).

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