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Anna-Lea Baumgärtner

Anna-Lea Baumgärtner
Anna-Lea Baumgärtner
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Student assistant

  • At CPHP from January 2022 until April 2023
  • Nurse
  • Studies BSc Interdisciplinary Health Care and Management (IGM) at HAW Hamburg since September 2020

Anna-Lea Baumgärtner was a student assistant at the Centre for Planetary Health Policy (CPHP) and supported in the areas of communication, press and public relations. In addition to her work at CPHP, she is studying Interdisciplinary Health Care and Management in her Bachelor’s degree at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and works as a nurse. As part of her practical semester, she is interning at CPHP and follows the work around the new Federal Institute of Public Health as well as the Public Health Service (ÖGD). She has been involved with Health for Future since 2021.